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Here are some short films and audio from across our projects.

Songs of the Secret Seas

‘Songs of the Secret Seas’ is a collaborative piece made and performed by LiLAC. Meeting once a month at Artlink they explore various art forms together with artists Milena Dragic and Georgie Buchanan. Their story is illustrated with a krankie – a paper scroll that is manually rolled up, revealing artwork accompanying songs and storytelling performed by members of the group.


‘Migration’ is created in response to ‘Forecast’ by Artlink’s ‘Working Together Group’ and is a combination of poetry, writing, visual art and animation on the theme of journeys and migration.

Studio 3 and the John Sell Cotman project

Two animated films created in response to the work by watercolourist John Sell Cotman.

YOS Boom

An anti-drug music video created with young people from Leeds YOS.


Animation shown at Light Night Leeds 2017. Produced and directed by Rozi Fuller and Liz Walker, words supplied by participants on our #GetStarted project and spoken by Becky Cherriman.

Get Started Video, Years 1 to 3

Get Started Audio at Calverlands Day Centre, Year 2

Working with people at Calverlands Day Centre, our theme was the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Anne Hanson brought in some toys that people remembered from their childhoods. I then rewrote a traditional skipping rhyme using people’s reactions to the toys and we recorded it in their own voices. This is followed by memories, which were evoked by items from the M and S handling collection. Our art work centred around a key event from each era – VE Day, The Coronation and The Moon Landing. Below are two poems we created which you may wish to read alongside the accompanying audio. All words are the group’s own. Enjoy.

Rosettes For A Queen
The day Elizabeth was crowned I was:
working as a shorthand typist in a bomb factory. We had a day off.
Ten years old and playing in the streets,
celebrating my school certificate.
I was out with the children on a country walk then bathing them,
making rosettes,
watching the TV with my parents, excited.
I didn’t see it on TV.
I was celebrating at the local pub with an orange juice. Everyone was excitable.

The Cold Moon
In the year Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon,
we were partying in mini skirts and A-line dresses.
We danced the jive and the waltz, ate popcorn, played snap and Bingo.
We went to churches in our Sunday best and gossiped in the pews.
We read the newspapers.
We were frightened by what we would find there on the cold cold moon.

artist Becky Cherriman –

Boom Music Video (project with Leeds Youth Offending Service)

More videos from previous projects

Studio 3 (Sarah) Nike Savvas – Leeds Art Gallery Project from Hayley Mason on Vimeo.