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Time to Shine – Wykebeck A Celebration

The second part of our project at Wykebeck Valley Complex Needs Day Centre focused on creating some finished artwork. We used the Doodle game to create faces responding to Klee and Miro, adding these to the textile pieces with embroidery.


After adding the eyes and mouths the textile pieces were all put together in to one final artwork.

More abstract work was created with a 3-step process in response to the Klee and Kandinsky pieces. We started with painting watercolour washes as the base. The paper shapes were arranged to mask areas and create patterns when ink was mono-printed over the top. These patterns were embellished to create the final individual artwork, which we framed.


The Celebration was quite the EVENT!

The team at Wykebeck had arranged for our group to go out for lunch so that we had space to set up the exhibition. There was so much work to put up! Just as our group got back and we began to set up the activity, the visitors began to arrive. Not only from the BAME Wellbeing Hub but also Calverlands, and Laurel Bank. Fantastic!

Luckily, we had bought plenty of canvases with the plan to create one colour wash and then stencil a pattern over these.

Instead everyone jumped in to create amazing abstract artworks. Some were washes of colour, some patterns influenced by the Himalayan textiles, some creatures, all brilliant. A hubbub of activity and enjoyment. The amazing staff rushed around magicking up tables and chairs to accommodate everyone and then there settled a quiet hum of meaningful flow….


After delicious homemade buns and scones we presented the artwork, swapping between the 2 Time To Shine groups. Wykebeck presented a montage of the felt patterns that the Wellbeing Hub visitors had contributed to in an earlier visit. The Wellbeing Hub presented a meaningful poem on a lovely scroll, beautifully read out by Michelle. We then presented all the individual framed artwork back to their creators.


We were very surprised when D then asked for quiet. She wanted to present us with a huge box of chocs, and the most wonderful handmade thank you card. It was clear the staff and group had had fun making the card and we both found this a really emotional gesture.

An Overwhelming celebration!

Rozi and Musarat

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