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Moving On Bramley Fulfilling Lives Week 6 – 10

Our project with Bramley Fulfilling Lives and Bramley Park Academy has been an exciting one! Together we created movie trailers with the adults and children, focusing on three different themes – Physical Comedy, Fantasy and Musicals. In this project we also visited the wonderful cinema housed in Armley Mills. We explored the industry museum together and watched our films on the big screen.


Shadow Making and Movement

In week 6, we discovered magic, spells and flying through movement games and light projection. The adults were excited for the children visiting today, with G stating ‘I love them. When are the children coming?’

We split into two groups when the children arrived. Some of the children led us on a flying journey around the room, starting with a magical Halloween prop to guide us! Kim led her group into the darkened sensory room, with lights and shadow puppets to explore. The adults and children created wonderful stories using the light and shapes. Maya invited S to have a go filming with the iPad, he captured the projections beautifully – ready to be used in our Fantasy film trailer.


Singing in the Rain

We introduced the group to a musical theme in weeks 7 and 8. The group had props in hand and were excited to begin. Kim led us into a movement game, using a huge, sensory umbrella. D was first up into the circle and led the movement using large circles and arches. We copied on the outside of the circle – stretching our arms, legs, fingers and toes!

Once we were warmed up and ready to dance, Kim invited us to our feet and we created a full group dance routine to Singing in the Rain. L and J stood at the front and carefully copied Kim’s movement, C and Kim danced together – creating a wonderful dance number!


Making the Curtain

Our celebration event was fast approaching and so we decided to make a Hollywood style curtain – to decorate the entrance into the sensory room where we would watch the films. To get us started we had a go moving through a simple curtain to music. We danced, twirled, stomped and jumped through the material.

Later that session, we sat together and created our Hollywood inspired curtain, using a range of fabrics and colourful materials. Armed with sequins, pop-poms, silks and glitter, the group were ready make their mark.


Armley Mills

The day finally arrived to showcase our films on the big screen! We met the adults and children at Leeds Industrial Museum in Armley Mills, which houses an interesting collection of archives and exhibitions including The Mill Space and Queens of Industry. The Mill also has a beautiful traditional cinema, which is where we watched our movie trailers.

As we entered the museum and invited the two groups to create their own ticket – to be stamped when entering the cinema. We asked the group the think about which trailer they might like to base their ticket design on. We divided the group in half and offered various viewing tools to explore the museum with. We had torches, looking shapes, magnifying glasses and kaleidoscopes. We also picked a few team leaders who held a clipboard with various objects to find on the way – C was in charge of our group and invited the children to help him find water and a flickering lantern. We explored the various exhibitions and tried on some of the traditional costumes in the Queens of Industry space.


As we entered the cinema the children and C stamped our tickets at the ticket booth. ‘Tickets please!’ C called! We found a seat and explored the room using torches and shadows, what patterns could we make on the screen and ceiling?

The group were excited and waited to watch the films with anticipation. With popcorn in hand, we watched all three of our movie trailers – D and A were thrilled to see themselves on the screen, D pointed and cheered.



Celebration Event

In our final session, we decided to celebrate using a Hollywood theme. The children also joined us for this session, to celebrate the end of the project together. After a warm up we invited the group to walk down the red carpet and enter the sensory room through our Hollywood curtain and watch the movie trailers. But first, the group attended a dress up table to find something vibrant to wear! The group strolled down the red carpet and were interviewed by Ellie and Maya. The children and adults played along, striking their best pose.


Kim created a walk of fame based on Hollywood Boulevard. Her group came up with inspiring slogans, awards and nominations – ready to add to the walk of fame!


We had a fabulous time watching the trailers together in the sensory room, both the children and adults watched carefully – trying to spot themselves and their friends. At the end of the session we cheered and applauded each other’s hard work and the children left us with great smiles on their faces. ‘I really enjoyed it today, I’d like to come back!’

Kim, Maya and I would like to thank Bramley Fulfilling Lives and Bramley Park Academy for taking part in this Hollywood inspired project and sincerely hope the children and adults enjoyed making their films!


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