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Moving On Steering Group Artlink Working Together – making artwork

Whilst visiting and responding to other groups and events, (see separate post) we also made some artwork!

We drew responses to our trip to the Science and Media Museum, and practiced some mono-printing, before deciding the format for our main piece of artwork ‘Migration’.


The aim we had for the piece ‘Migration’ was to focus on our ability to empathise and, also reflect on the act of visiting unknown places, seeing as we’re all doing so much of that! We started by thinking how we feel when we go somewhere new. Scared, excited, nervous, curious. This led us to develop the characters for the film, starting with photos of people and then choosing three items they may take with them and using these to describe who they are.


Once decided, it was time to introduce the characters to each other. We even found connections between some of them! A doctor was rushing his patient to a distant hospital for surgery. What was in another character’s case? The blood for the transfusion, of course!

A poem developed as we described our characters thoughts as they migrated to Leeds.


With the poem edited it was time to record everyone speaking different lines, to reflect the variety of voices of our characters. F rose to the challenge of recording assistant, directing and rehearsing everyone in turn and pressing the ‘record’ button exactly when needed.


The imagery for our ‘Migration’ film was created using silhouette sand animation. This links back to the sandbox exhibits we saw at the Science and Media Museum, with exploring the desert island of LiLAC’s story, and inspired by Artlink WYs Light Night film ‘Forecast’.  The images were drawn in black sand in white trays, then placed under a camera on a rostrum stand. This meant the camera would stay in the same place, and a sequence of photos could be taken. The sand drawing was changed a little for each photo and this way the illusion of movement was created. The drawings appeared animated!


As described in the previous post, the finished film has already had several screenings. Let’s hope for many more!

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