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Journeys & Destinations with Ripon House

In June 2018 we began our project at Ripon House, an approved premises in Leeds for women recently released from long term custody.

Artists Becky Cherriman and Milena Dragic guided the women through a series of creative writing, performance and visual arts sessions on a theme of ‘Journeys and Destinations’.  This project asked the women to describe and strive for their goals, what does the journey and destination look and feel like?

As well as the workshop sessions there was a trip to The Hepworth Gallery to experience the Hot Mirror exhibition, by artist Viviane Sassen.  This was the first time half of the group had ever visited a gallery and a number of the women were visibly in awe of this work,

“I didn’t think I’d like anything about it but it’s the opposite” (participant during gallery visit).

This work is intensive, challenging and highly valued by both Artlink and Ripon House.  We look forward to developing this project further over the forthcoming months.

“I think that as a team you have enabled participants to unlock, explore and begin to deal with some very difficult and complex emotions. This is a huge step forward for the residents.  I hope it will assist them in seeking out similar opportunities for expressing their feelings once they are resettled in the community.” (Emma Falk, Team Manager, Ripon House)

Image below shows Milena inside the Hot Mirror installation.

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