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Moving On Year 1

March 2018 saw the end of Year 1 of Moving On and its been a very full year.  The last three months of this first year (Jan – March) have seen us working at Naburn Court Day Centre and adding a new group to the project, Richmond Hill Day Centre.  We also continued to work with LiLAC and the Artlink Working Together Group during this time.

LiLAC and Artlink Working Together have been exploring ways in which they can work together in response to each other’s work. Both groups have completed their submissions (Songs of the Secret Seas and a response to Forecast as well as the Migration film) for Words In The City, which took place at The Carriageworks in May 2018.  These will also be included in the BEYOND festival in July.  LiLAC visited the newly opened Leeds Art Gallery and were given a guided tour by Community Curator, Natalie Walton as well as taking part in a workshop in the print room.

In March we finished working with Richmond Hill, during their time on the project they visited Cartwright Hall to explore their carnival exhibition and produced their own ‘big top’ exhibition together with ringleader, strongman and acrobat.  The Naburn group have created a sound and light sculpture for the BEYOND Festival in July. This will be shown at the launch event at Studio 24 on 5th July and installed at Artlink for an Open Day on 18th July and is commissioned by Pyramid of Arts for BEYOND.

As this first year drew to a close we’ve now started an even busier second year  as we look to build on all of the work completed this year.  Follow for updates throughout the year!  You can see some of the images below during this time and follow the projects on our blog page.


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