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Colours For A Better Future

Ripon House is an approved premises for 19 women, all of whom have recently left long term custody.  This project combined creative writing together with visual arts and was led by artists Becky Cherriman and Milena Dragic.  Together they worked with the women to encourage, develop and recognise their creativity using a broad range of artistic techniques as well as art walks and a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  Work was intense, challenging but often rewarding and we look forward to developing this work in 2018.

‘I love it here’, A said.  She described what she saw in descriptive terms e.g. the tunnel of trees.  She found a spot on the wall that was not covered by a hedge.  ‘This is my favourite place.  I could stay here all day’. Excerpt from Becky’s sessional report.

Below is an image of the final piece created for Ripon House showing images from the project and the poem produced.

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