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Moving On

As part of our work with Moving On, we had a staff training day at Artlink last Friday led by two of our artists Rozi and Becky.  All of the staff present support participants who are involved with the project.  This was a chance for them to experience and reflect on their own creativity and how they and their participants can get the most out of the project.  This day was intense, practical, energetic and full of ideas for the project and staff. We’re already thinking about the next one and how important this training is in allowing us to alleviate fears and build confidence when taking part in creative workshops.  There were lots of comments throughout the day, a small snapshot are shown below:

“Change is good, or we get stuck in our routines.  This gives us more options.”

“Three years ago I was the least arty person.  Working with Artlink has taught me that I can, and don’t anyone dare try to take this off me now.”

You can see a glimpse of some of the artwork produced throughout the day in the image below.


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