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Journey’s of the Body (Love Arts Workshop)

Our Love Arts Workshop was a participatory led event which explore the relationship between the physical body and the memory.  Through open-ended tasks led by writer Becky Cherriman and dance artist Kim Glassy, participants were invited to write and move based on their own personal experiences.

Becky led a guided meditation to begin which invited participants to connect with the breath, to take themselves back to a significant journey or place in their life and focus the sensations and thoughts that were naturally awakened.

Participants then introduced themselves through a chosen object where many interesting, personal and some humorous stories emerged.

Kim then led a movement task based around the objects on a large blank piece of paper where the group began to make connections between their objects, places and stories through marks, words and movement on the paper.  A rich and colourful physical map began to appear on the floor and come to life.

Becky led this into a writing exercise where participants were invited to go deeper into thinking about a part of their body which had been on a significant journey and to write about sensations and characteristics linked to this journey of the body.

Participants openly shared sections of their writing with one another – which included profound stories about eyes, feet, stretch marks and brain – and this formed the basis for some movement improvisation in the space over and around the map which included spoken word and interactions between one another and the map.

We had participants from many different interests and backgrounds such as health professionals, artists and volunteers with many different responses to the workshop:

“It took me to a very intimate place very quickly, yet in a  non-threatening way.”

“The guided meditation helped me to find ideas for my writing.”

“It has given me some ideas to take back and use in my work”.


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