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Artlink at Light Night Leeds 2017

‘Forecast’ is an artistic response to the poem ‘Shipping Forecast’ created by Artlink West Yorkshire’s LiLAC group as part of the Get Started project. This poem was in turn created in response to ‘The People’s Shipping Forecast’ on Radio Four and written in anticipation of David Shearing’s installation ‘The Weather Café’, a project which LiLAC contributed to.

‘Forecast’ premieres at Leeds Central Library as part of Light Night Leeds 2017 on 6th October. The installation projects through the computer room windows and is viewable from inside and outside of the building.

The installation uses sand and silhouette animation to depict a simple journey. Its lyrical imagery pushes the medium to display the full extent of the technique.

During Light Night you can join artists Rozi Fuller and Liz Walker to draw and animate with sand and the silhouettes as used in ‘Forecast’. Your work will also be projected to illuminate through the library windows.

This is a partnership project between Artlink West Yorkshire and The Northern Film School.

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