Prepare to be Inspired!

Bewerley Croft Week 6-10

The visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park has inspired everyone and with just five more sessions to go, participants are focused, and get creative with renewed enthusiasm.

 From clay to concrete.

Like the sculptures at YSP, we decided early on that our artworks will be durable, and weatherproof, as they will be displayed in the garden. And one of the toughest materials is concrete.

Each participant work in clay initially, sculpting and pressing in objects, the artwork is then covered in layers and layers of latex glue to make the moulds, which are then boxed.

No one minds mucking in with the cement mixing and pouring. J even remembers the ratio of cement to sand and aggregate when he used to lay the driveway with his dad.


The cement is left to dry, and the following week the latex is ready to be peeled back to reveal the concrete casts.

The moment of truth.

The concrete casts are ready after a bit of cleaning. J remarks how the details of the leaves have come out; the veins are still visible.

Some participants decide they like the natural colour of the concrete, others decide to add colours.


The latex moulds can be re-used to cast more concrete artworks. M says they can be used like tiles or paving slabs where a wall or a floor can be covered with these casts.


Eventually, these artworks will be installed in the garden, and hopefully will last for few years.

Despite the casting technique having to go through a few processes, the participants show great patience and focus to come up with fantastic pieces of artwork that will last many years to come.


For the celebration event, a group from Meanwood  joins us with the tile painting, while the Bewerley Croft participants showcase their artwork from the last 9 sessions.


Everybody is sitting outside under the gazebo out of the warm sun, busily making art while Bewerley Croft staff members have kindly prepared a delicious banquet for everyone.

Exciting news: Artlink West Yorkshire will be collaborating with the Hillside Enterprise Centre in Beeston to exhibit the artworks made by participants from Bewerley Croft. This will give the artworks a chance to be seen by a wider audience.

So, watch this space!

Written by Van Nong

Photos by Van Nong and Mat Dale






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