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Barleyfields – Moving on

Here we are again, after nearly a year, we are back! The excitement is in the air. They all recognise Milena, but we’ve got a new artist Kim and everyone is asking where is Bryony! Without further ado we start the session with familiar movement and music. The theme is weather. Today we have wind! Outside wind is brushing evergreen branches, while wind inside blows from us through the straws onto the pools of coloured inks into beautiful, organic shapes! Everyone smiles looking at the shapes, they all ask whether we’ll be back next week, yes ¬†– we will continue with the same theme….


And of course, it is windy outside! While Milena is busily calculating probabilities that all nine sessions will have weather as mentioned in our plan, Kim is putting on beautiful music, and we move with huge inflatable balls in the rhythm. Sheila loves it. She greets us with the words – “I’ve been waiting for you!” and we dance and play with big ostrich feathers, and for a moment the sun is shining and bring smiles on our faces.


This week, the theme is snow, and yes it is snowing outside! Inside we are making giant snowflakes from bamboo sticks and silicon putty. There are over a foot in diameter, and we hope that the smaller variety that is drifting in the air outside won’t settle on the road! Denise is drawing a cat. She likes cats, this one is cosy and ginger! Denise looks pleased.


After dance on the big multi sensory mat we settled down drawing and making collages on the theme of ice! Outside it is hailing and inside Stephen is busily recreating Titanic, just before it hit the iceberg! Meanwhile Simon who has been hiding for the last three sessions behind the cap, handkerchief or anything else close at hand has been handed a mirror, and afterwards a piece of paper and colours! Down came the disguises as colour in his hands is transformed into marvellous shapes, and ¬†they multiply as more colour is added over and over on the paper. Everyone is excited, staff, Milena, Kim and of course Simon who turns towards the camera, no longer hiding, but smiling away….breakthrough?! Ahhh the power of art!


We are inside today, as according to our plan, the theme is rain, and of course it is raining! We imitate the sounds with the rainstick. It is rather soothing sound, and in the second part of the session when we paint rainy impressionistic paintings Sheila suddenly says that she is tired, we have not realised that she is over 80! Maybe she can have a little nap after dinner in the armchair!

Meanwhile everybody else is enjoying painting – and rivers are flowing into the seas and oceans while Robert and Ralph concentrate on their brushwork. We are halfway through the sessions and weather outside has been following our plan! Watch out Mystic Meg, here come Kim and Milena to replace you!



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