Prepare to be Inspired!

South Leeds Unity!

What a great ten-week project and celebration event we had at Morley Library!

What made this project a huge success was down to the enjoyment of being together and working as a team!

Footsteps, hands, imagination, creating, painting, laughs and kindness.

Smiles, in our community.

Brought us all together in a unity of art, words, actions, conversations, drama, music and fun!

The group enjoyed taking portraits of each other and seeing portraits of themselves and were delighted to add them to the collage. Johnny really enjoyed taking photographs and was lead photographer from week 2!

Conversations, characters, colours, personalities, art and paint merged and as the group worked, things were remembered, and connecting,

Conversations overheard:

Jillian looking at her free form drawing. “It looks like it’s been hit by a lorry!”

“Linda said it looked like a camel!”

Jillian; “It looks like a stuffed egg!”

“Oh I don’t know! I cant draw!”

Creating the word wall was lots of fun.  We loved using the sponges to make the word wall, taking inspiration from the walls, colours, and words from our community and then using those words, our words to create “Word Bingo!”

A great pride and ownership in our group work emerged.

Our celebration day was one of great happiness and achievement.

Whilst eating our scrumptious lunch we where treated to a photographic slide show of all our memories, and work produced.

Then for the finale to our day.

We re-enacted some of our words into moving drama and became the “minibus” and “human skittles.”

Lee then started us off on our anthem:

“The final whistle blows.”

“I loved singing and making it up!” said Lee.

A song that had been built on and created with the whole group.

The final whistle blows with all the actions.

Dan strummed country music from his guitar.

Hayley and Sylvie joined us and handed out certificates and brought the group beautiful photo canvasses.

I asked some of the group how they felt about the project:

Jamie liked the art and making the word wall.

Gillian said “ very good, very nice”.

Lynda loved painting; Dale and Joanne loved the art.

“Drama was fantastic”, said Lee, “I’ll remember everything!”

And Dale, gave us a dazzling grin and agreed.

I think our Thursday mornings will be missed by all!!