Prepare to be Inspired!

The Curator came for tea with Studio 3

Our Wednesday art group, Studio 3, are being inspired by JS Cotman’s work, especially in Yorkshire. Theodore from Leeds Art Gallery came to tea with them at Artlink in March and had a fantastic afternoon. As the group made their sketches, Theodore looked on fascinated at how everyone had a different take, picked out a different aspect. He commented that “It’s really interesting how everyone is making their own interpretation of [Cotman’s] the artwork – I’m impressed!”

Members said how much they were enjoying it and that it was helping them focus on their artwork, including a book. M had never really liked watercolour and when he first saw the Cotman, he hadn’t seen the appeal. But now “I’m really interested in these now I can see the geometric shapes”.

Here are some pics of the group looking at Cotman’s work.

Studying hard
H with a horse sketch by Cotman
Inspecting Cotman’s work
More studying