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Love Arts Festival – Tell Tales

As part of the Love Arts Festival 2016, Artlink hosted Tell Tales – a visual arts and creative writing workshop for adults with mental health issues.  The project was led by artists Becky Cherriman and Bryony Pritchard and centred around the Tamalpa Approach.  The workshop focused on a personal story around a transformative time in our lives using guided meditation, group and pair interaction and sound and movement exercises. From this, participants drew the transformative moment in their lives and spoke about it to their partner, who in turn responded using the phrases, ‘I felt … I saw … I heard … I imagined.’ From these interactions a series of writings were created, including short stories and poetry.

There were lots of smiles during the writing exercise as people reimagined stories.  There was a warm sharing of images and writing and also recognition from people over how far they have moved on from important transitions in their lives.

This was a wonderful afternoon spent sharing our lives through creative interaction and making new connections through drawing, writing, movement and listening.  This was also the first time Artlink had used the Tamalpa Approach and is something we are keen to explore in other projects.

“Words are now my only outlet.”  Tell Tales participant


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