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Light Night Leeds 2016

If you were in Leeds Central Library on Light Night you would have seen a giant sculptural head suspended from the ceiling glimmering and glittering with droplets of water as they move in the air currents, as well as crowds of people wandering around with star shaped lights.  This was all because of Artlink’s sculpture H2US, a large installation representing the human connection to water, produced by international artist and kinetic sculptor Jim Bond.

We are over 50% water, the droplets floating in the frame represent our connection with the element as well as sending a message of health and wellbeing.  It is this combination or artistic practice as well as health which sits at the heart of Artlink’s work.

As well as being part of Light Night, H2US is also part of the Love Arts Festival and will be on display at the library until 20th October.

“We loved being part of Light Night and working in partnership with the library to showcase this work.  It was also great to see the children wandering around with their star lanterns … and some of the parents too.  We hope to to exhibit H2US across West Yorkshire and who knows, maybe even beyond!” (Hayley Mason, Artink’s Project Manager).

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