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365 Leeds Stories

Studio 3 have recently completed the 365 Leeds Stories project together with artists Jill Johnson, Matthew Bellwood and Alison Andrews.  This project formed one of the 7 strands of work which has been taking place across the city.  It has used a wide variety of artforms and artists to explore creative and interesting ways of mapping the city and telling the stories of Leeds.  Each map created during the project will show the city from different perspectives.

Studio 3 explored the area around Belle Vue Road, where their workshop is based, using a variety of different visual art media.  The end product of which can be viewed at the exhibition in May 2014.

For further info on the whole 365 Leeds Stories, please take a look at their websit

This project is very much in the spirit of Artlink offering external opportunities for Studio 3 to expand their artistic practice.  Further opportunities will take place in 2014.

The images below document Studio 3’s travels around Belle Vue Road sourcing inspiration for their work.  

Credit for this photography goes to Betty Lawless.

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