Prepare to be Inspired!

A Thousand Paper Cranes

Artlink completed its fifth workshop at The Yorkshire Centre For Eating Disorders in November.  Artists Rozi Fuller and Bryony Pritchard worked with patients and staff to explore light, texture, shape and colour through producing their own artwork and creating new environments through projection.  This was then captured through photography to create some stunning images.  These will be transformed into canvas prints which will be exhibited on the ward.  

This was an abstract piece of work which required participants to be fully trusting of the artists, to move away from the tables and work on the floor, draw large images and be more experimental.  The drive for the project remained the same – to expose participants to high quality artistic experiences with professional artists, to recognise artistic abilities and to understand how creativity can support recovery programmes.  

A comment from one of the participants outlines how much the project has meant to her:

“I want to say before I leave, this has been really fun.  It’s one of the very few hours in the week when I don’t have to think about my disorder.  Its been a massive help.”

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