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Shantona – Moving Textiles


Shantona Young Women’s Group were invited to take part in the second year of the Open Door Project to work with textile artist Musarat Raza and animator Rozi Fuller.  The girls ranged in age from 6 – 16 years old, with the majority at primary school.

The work of Michael Brennand-Wood was used as inspiration.  As well as the beautiful textile elements in his work, there are patterns and symmetry which shout out to be made to dance with abstract animation.

The principles of animation were introduced by creating zoetrope strips, which were then photographed sequentially and played back as a movie.  Much of this work was produced on the iPad.  As the group began to create their own textile objects the animation thread continued to weave through the project.  Wax batik and handmade felt flowers were embellished with stitching and buttons, beads and sequins threaded on wire to decorate jars for creating spherical 3D sculptures.  The sequential photographs of these created strange and bizarre patterns bursting with colour.  These photos were used as the starting point for creating patterns on painted canvas backgrounds, using textile objects, these were then photographed sequentially to create dancing abstract animation.

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