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A Thousand Paper Cranes

We have recently completed our 2nd year of working in the Yorkshire Centre For Eating Disorders at The Newsam Centre, Seacroft Hospital.  This block of work was a real success with a large turnout of participants at each session, the majority of which were patients with support from clinical staff.

The group worked with Milena Dragic and Rozi Fuller to explore lino printing and silk painting.  Throughout the project, the group remained highly motivated producing a large body of work which will be developed into a set of postcards and canvases to be exhibited on the ward.

Our time on the ward means we have built up a real rapport with staff who have really supported this project. This means the work has embedded itself into the unit and is now a part of the patients’ recovery programmes.  We are keen for this work to continue once the current Comic Relief funding has come to an end as our learning on the project has been immense, we are now keen to carry this forward into further projects.


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