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Include Me In Taster Sessions

We have now completed five taster sessions across the Independent Living Residences in partnership with Progress Housing.  The variety of the sessions and the response by participants and support staff has proven this to be a profound project.  From November to January we have worked with learning disabled individuals and people living with mental health issues, exploring sound, drawing, light projection, painting and texture all under the canopy of a gazebo!  All led by talented artists Bryony Pritchard and Barney George.  The project would not have been such a success without the dedication and support of Peter Loosemore, the Tenant Involvement Co-ordinator with LiLAC.

The aim of the workshops was to consult with residents over whether they would like to take part in longer term workshops and if so, which artistic media they would like to explore.  The response was an overwhelming ‘yes’!  We will keep you posted as the project progresses.  

Meanwhile, here are some quotes from the sessions:

“This was calming and free flowing.”

“It was good to play, draw and just be.”

“I felt like everyone in the session is equal.”

“I enjoyed the live aspect and making something big together, in particular the games and conversation.”  

“It was a laugh.  I enjoyed myself and it distracted me from my mind.”



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