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Re-Cover Project

Through October – December, Artlink undertook an 8-week project with the Acute Male Psychiatry Unit at The Newsam Centre, Seacroft Hospital.  We worked with artists Bryony Pritchard and Van Nong exploring printing and casting, particularly body casting with the patients.  This medium appealed to many of the participants as a number of them had been plasterers previously.  

We worked with an engaged group each week of between 8 – 10 men.  The levels of concentration displayed by them was inspiring as they got to grips with using plaster of Paris and alginate to create casts of feet, faces and hands.  The completed pieces will be displayed on the unit together with canvas prints of images taken throughout the project.

The results over these 8-weeks were profound as participants showed commitment to regular attendance and learning the new techniques Bryony and Van shared with them.  The impact of the project can be seen through a few selected comments:

“Its made my day more bearable.”

“Thank you for believing in my ideas and all your positive praise and comments.”

“Its just been nice to talk to someone.”

The project was blogged each week, showing developments as the workshops progressed and also further images of the work.



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