Prepare to be Inspired!


Moving On Barleyfields Year 2, Weeks 1-5

     It’s really great to be back at Barleyfields Fulfilling Lives for another year!  We have been greeted with warmth and enthusiasm from all yet again – ‘We’ve been waiting for you!’ said support worker Karen with a big smile as we arrived for our first visit. This year artist Hayley Mills-Styles who specialises in…

Richmond Hill Moving on Weeks 6-10

Session 6 – Free Machine Embroidery & Physical Warm Up. The focus of this session was to complete some of the activities we started last week. This included finishing our circus stories and having a practice at creating paired still images whilst I took F and did a one to one session on the sewing…

Moving On – Artlink Working Together

Develop as artists, increasing ownership of their work Recognise their abilities Increase decision-making Ask and answer questions Work in different spaces Visit cultural venues and reflect on those visits Represent the Moving On experience These were the specific aims we set when sitting down to plan this project with Moving On’s steering group of adults…

Moving On: Bramley Fulfilling Lives Weeks 1 – 4

  Introductions We began our project with a friendly greeting, an open introductory session with Bramley Fulfilling Lives. The adults were thrilled to begin with music, with various participants getting off their seats to have a dance! A few days later we also introduced ourselves to the wonderful year 6 children at Bramley Primary School….

Bewerley Croft Week 6-10

The visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park has inspired everyone and with just five more sessions to go, participants are focused, and get creative with renewed enthusiasm.  From clay to concrete. Like the sculptures at YSP, we decided early on that our artworks will be durable, and weatherproof, as they will be displayed in the…

Bewerley Croft Moving On Year One Week 1 – 4

Bryony is on maternity leave so returning to Bewerley with a new artist Van already seems like an exciting change and development to the sessions. Bewerley might be a small group of participants but they expect a lot and they like to push us to bring a new and exciting program of activities each week….