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Ripon House

This is our first session in Ripon House, a bail hostel for women. I am trying to think what sort of activity will captivate and encourage women who might have not have had much experiences of visual arts. Also we are working with the theme of transformation, and I see visual arts as metaphors for…

Tea with the Curator

Studio 3 started an exciting project in March working with Curators from Leeds City Art Gallery. The gallery has an extensive collection of artwork by the nineteenth century British landscape artist, John Sell Cotman, which they are keen to make more available to the public. So the curators came to Artlink, bringing a good selection…

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Get Started: at Morley Library part 1

A new group was formed to take part in this last stage of Get Started. Participants from two of Aspire’s bases, one at Morley and one at Middleton have been brought together to form this group, meeting at the Morley Library base. It made sense to explore the theme of Our Community.  We structured sessions…

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Lilac – Step Inside The Rainbow

Since June 2016, Lilac workshops have dipped into a kaleidoscopic journey of colour, pattern and texture. Lilac is a Progress Housing Group forum who meet monthly at Artlink. We have taken inspiration from different cultures and artist’s ideas from India, Israel, Canada and Japan, and experimented with ancient systems of word creation bringing together a…

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Get Started – Calverlands

This is it! New project, new people, lovely sunny room! We are making fabric squares, which will be part of a memory quilt that the centre is going to exhibit in the museum later on in the year. Everybody is working with wonderful concentration and images and words are pouring onto the calico. Some people…

Bramley Fulfilling Lives Year 3: weeks 6 – 9

The last few workshops at Bramley Fulfilling Lives have been an exciting whirlwind of storytelling, prop making, movement, action and characters building. These wonderful sessions have created the building blocks for our performance – the finale at our Celebration event in December. Making our own Tales We have enjoyed working alongside the wonderful year 6…

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Bramley Fulfilling Lives: Year 3 – Week 1-5

    Ellie and I are back at Bramley Fulfilling Lives again – with 2 lovely volunteers Vicky and Dan. We’ve been navigating through stories from around the world and bringing them to life with our bodies and props in fantastical ways. This year we’re thrilled to be working with Bramley Primary School again, who…

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This is the second part of the project and we have a new group of young people working with us for five days, during the summer holidays. Everybody has been provided with a sketchbook and we are discussing our interests in order to finalise ideas about what we are going to do during the week….

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YOS Boom Part One

On Wednesday evenings thoughout Spring and early Summer, we’ve been working with a group of young people here at Arlink. They’ve been invited by Will Donovan at YOS to take part in our art project, and we’ve thown a whole mix of activities at them. From microscopic photography, animated zoetropes, fabric painting, collaging, OHP projections,…

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Get Started – Bewerley Croft Year 3 Part 2

Week 6 We introduced the group to some still life drawing exercises using natural objects to make an intriguing composition. We practised with viewfinders to mask off areas of the composition to focus on a tiny detail. We used a wax resist technique. As ever, the group threw themselves into the challenge and produced some…

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