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Moving On at Morley

MOVING ON- Middleton and Morley Group.
AKA: The Dream-catchers!

What great memories we have made. I am writing this blog after a splendid performance by the Middleton and Morley group ‘The Dreamcatchers’ for Aspire cultural awareness day in Leeds Irish Centre.

The atmosphere in the Irish Centre was amazing and many groups were there to perform; there was a lot of catching up between participants and staff or support.

When I first arrived at the centre I was pleased to see some of the Middleton group waiting around a top table for me, all were in such good spirits, the centre was teeming with people and groups, food from around the world was shared, people dressed in traditional costume handing out delicious canapés and bites to taste for everyone. We sat down chatting, waiting for the rest of our group to come.

‘M, is here!’ shouted Lee and Paul. I turned around to see the smiling face of Musarat. We had had a rehearsal in preparation for today’s performance and Musarat could not make it because of work commitments and the ‘Dreamcatchers’ missed their creative time with her so were really pleased to see her at the Irish Centre.

Shortly after that we turned around and saw the Morley group slowly making their way through the masses of audience members and participants. It was really great seeing everyone in a different environment and it was really interesting to see and hear how looking forward to their performance they where, soon after more of the Middleton group arrived, we had a full house of participants.

Becky the support /drama worker and the Middleton group kicked off the performance with a brilliant Amy Winehouse tribute, dancers and musicians! There was a mad dash to get into our Dreamcatcher T shirts as we were soon on stage.


Lots of us made our way down to boogie on down to the sounds of ‘Amy and her brilliant backing group!’ This was a great way to shake off any nervous energy of a few participants who didn’t want to come on stage, but as the time drew nearer for us to perform, everyone decided to go on.

We had a little time before the performance to warm up and do our breathing exercise.  The presenter of the show asked us what our group was called, and  The Dreamcatchers  was suggested, agreed and born!! Suddenly we were a team, a community and a group. It was amazing to see everyone owning their roles. Excitement and fun, anticipation and hard work went into their pre-show warm up.

Musarat set the stage with the lanterns and dream catchers, we were asked if we wanted to use the dance floor as a stage, but the group were adamant that they wanted to be under the spotlights. We walked and helped each other proudly on stage.

The performance went really well, the Dreamcatchers really owned their act. It was really very moving to see how proud everyone was of everyone. Katherine asked to lead the Dreamcatcher song, which took me by complete surprise as she has never come forward whilst we have been doing poetry and song although she has been interested. Her passion usually lies in the art work. Mark’s smile when he heard his name mentioned in the song, shy Troy waving to the audience and playing his drums, Musarat and the support workers all on stage, we were one and moving!

The after glow of the performance was lovely. Johnny and Troy and Lee bought themselves beers to celebrate and we all tucked into some lovely food.

This ten week project has been a joy to be a part of. Working alongside Musarat was a pleasure. I think it’s safe for me to say that the memories and skills made and shared in this project have been invaluable to all, ‘the art through word, word through art!’

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