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Bewerley Croft Yorkshire Sculpture Park Day Out

It starts out cold and rainy on the morning we head to YSP, however this doesn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and everyone is ready and raring to go at meeting time.

When we arrived at the park it was still wet and pretty windy so we decided to visit the Longside gallery first. Once at the Longside Gallery everyone splits off to have a look around.


G appeared to be in high spirits and jokes about with square on the floor putting a chair in the middle and pretending it was a modern art sculpture. Telling me that he had accidentally sat on a chair sculpture at the Hepworth gallery.

Once we’ve had a look around the Kaleidoscope exhibition we move into the activity and educational room. Where I walk in to find G making a kaleidoscope sculpture, with blocks and mirrors, so I join in and have a play too. P follows me in and quietly moves to a different activity table and began playing with some building with the building blocks. J appears to be a little apprehensive about playing with the activities but soon joins in and we all make some mini works of art.



Before we finish looking around the space I ask P and J what their favourite works are. They both say the same piece, which was a fan looking sculpture. That looks out onto the park. P tell me how it reminds him of a Chinese fan.

Once we have finished at the Longside Gallery we walk back to the bus stop and head back to the main site. We hop off and decide that now would be a good time for lunch before we explored the rest of the park.

During lunch G tells myself and Van about how he feels when he’s “in an art environment” saying that he feels like he “switches on and he sees design and art in everything around him. But, in he’s normal everyday life he’s doesn’t.” Mentioning the lift he used to come to the restaurant was like a “space piece”.  He confesses that he wasn’t going to come because he wasn’t feeling it and the weather was rubbish. But N left him a voicemail telling him not to be miserable and so he changed his mind and that he was glad that he had.


After lunch the sun eventually comes and out we make our way slowly around to the Bothy Gallery admiring the Tony Cragg sculptures as we go. Once at the Bothy Gallery N engages with a black sculpture called Measures by Saad Quereshi. The YSP staff tell us about how it was made and how it represents Saad’s life and his journey from Pakistan to Bradford, as a boy, and then his move to Oxford. N is working primarily in black and white at the moment and explaining that was why he was drawn to it.



Once in the Underground Gallery N’s mood becomes cheeky. He beings sneaking  around touching all of the sculptures when there was no guards looking. He wonders into a room alone just so he can touch them all before whilst it was empty comes back out to tell us, sniggering.


G connects with a sketch that is made up of binary code. Begins to talk about a conspiracy theory of messages in the sketch.

P and I spend time looking at a few Tony Cragg sculptures discussing how they might be made.


Hayley spots N drawing a rabbit, and suggests that we venture down to see the rabbit sculptures whilst the sun is still shining. When we get there N give it a big hug as it’s a sculpture that he is allowed to touch. We all have a good look to see what things they can spot inside the cast.


Then J spots Ai Weiwei’s Zodiac sculptures and asks if we can head over to see them. We all work out which animal is our birth year and Van takes a photo of the everyone underneath their individual zodiac.


At the end of the session P and J asks for photos of the trip as they have had a great day and want to remember the day.

Fantastic Day All Round


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