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Bewerley Croft’s Grand Day Out

An integral part of the Moving On project is to connect the groups to cultural opportunities which are on their doorstep.  Our work with Bewerley Croft has seen them explore and experiment with sculpture through wire and clay, alongside artists Van Nong and Christina Ingram and so it felt like a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) was in order.

We took our trip in June and what a rich and thoughtful day it was.  We did a lot in the 4 hours we were there:  a trip up to the Longside Gallery to see Kaleidoscope (Arts Council Englands’s Collection from the 1960s); exploring Tony Cragg and Ai Weiwei’s work in the Underground Gallery and throughout the park as well as the Tread Softly exhibition in the Bothy Gallery.

The group individually connected with different works of art explaining what they liked, didn’t like and what was intriguing.  They took many photos to use as inspiration for their artwork.  We found that there were many pieces that felt very tactile and were reaching out to be touched so we could feel the medium they were made in, of course we couldn’t do that – maybe that was an intention on the artist’s part?  Who knows, but it means many of the pieces have stayed with us long after our visit.

There will be more trips out during Moving On; stay tuned as we document these throughout the project.  For now, we’ll leave you with a quote from the project and some photos from our trip:

“You’re looking at the landscape and all of a sudden a sculpture pops out – it’s amazing.” Bewerley Croft Participant at YSP.

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