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Studio 3 JS Cotman Project: The Curator’s Review

Following a Trip to Knaresborough, one of the sites where JS Cotman sketched and painted in Yorkshire, Studio 3 carried on developing their own ideas in whatever direction it took them, drawing inspiration from their own experience and interpretation of Cotman’s way of working.


Besides gaining more confidence with their watercolour skills, this soon led to a diverse range of experimenting with all sorts of interesting media ranging from pencil and pen drawing to water-soluble pencils and ink sticks to acrylics, oils and emulsion paints on a larger scale, monoprints, landscape and seascape silk painting, photography and bookbinding, and even digital experimenting on the Wacom graphics tablet in combination with the Artrage app. Finally, Rozi edited one of H’s pen drawings in to an animation!


The whole project was well structured and “enjoyably educational” as one person observed. They went on to say, “It was a really nice way to access an artist’s work, to engage with it and learn about his work and how to use watercolour. It gave me a focus, narrowing the parameters down, giving a really creative way to work.” It was a bit like “being given an ‘artist’s brief’ to work to. I felt very professional, as if we were being treated as artists ourselves.” The curators from Leeds Art Gallery were certainly very impressed with how seriously and enthusiastically the group had entered into the Project, not to mention with the volume and quality of artwork produced!


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