Prepare to be Inspired!

“When I say transformation, what do you think of?”

We’ve recently completed the start of our pilot work with Ripon House, a 19 bed bail hostel for women in Leeds.  This project, led by artists Becky Cherriman and Milena Dragic, began with a theme of colour but quickly evolved into exploring the notion of transformation.

This was a new partnership for Artlink, working intensely with a group experiencing many complex issues.  We were also unsure how readily they would immerse themselves into this creative journey.  It became clear early on that the group were brimming with creativity as they worked prolifically producing works of art, writing, recording and performing short stories and poems.  This culminated in the group performing their work alongside the artworks at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

This project was a real chance to get to know the women and work alongside them.  There was so much that came out of this experience, so much positivity and sparks of creativity that we are now looking at ways in which we can turn this pilot into a more regular workshop.  Stay with us to see where this may lead!

The two images you see below show Milena exploring her eye colour through colour charts and also the group art piece which is now on the walls of Ripon House.  Just two of many creative endeavours!


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