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Get Started: at Morley Library part 1

A new group was formed to take part in this last stage of Get Started. Participants from two of Aspire’s bases, one at Morley and one at Middleton have been brought together to form this group, meeting at the Morley Library base.

It made sense to explore the theme of Our Community.  We structured sessions so that we started each week sitting in a circle for introductory activities, then moved to the tables for table-based activities and tea break and ended back in the circle. The group liked this familiar routine.

This photo shows us playing the wool game. We asked questions like ‘who likes…..watching soap operas’,  to create connections between people and see we all have something in common.

To help us get to know everyone better, we drew around hands, and wrote the answers to questions on the fingers. We asked ‘What food do you like, what music, who is your favourite person, what do you like doing….?’

Michelle picked up on the things people like to do. We created actions as a group to go with these words. Drawing around feet meant we could create a painted footprint that included these action word(s).  These actions continued as a strong thread/visual language throughout our sessions.


It turned out the group contained several footie fans, who taught us the Leeds Utd song. Michelle began developing this song with everyone into the group anthem, including all the actions! Dan brought his guitar in to accompany the singing.  I’d printed out a map of Morley and Middleton and we used the footprint paintings with their activity words to place on the map where participants go to do these activities. This helped us identify landmarks to begin creating a Street Scene of Our Community.

More soon…from Rozi and Michelle.

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