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Lilac – Step Inside The Rainbow

Since June 2016, Lilac workshops have dipped into a kaleidoscopic journey of colour, pattern and texture. Lilac is a Progress Housing Group forum who meet monthly at Artlink. We have taken inspiration from different cultures and artist’s ideas from India, Israel, Canada and Japan, and experimented with ancient systems of word creation bringing together a fascinating fusion across the months.

Together we have explored the joy of making our own homemade natural pigments from unusual ingredients; filling up printing pads with bright mono print inks; designing a systematic symmetrical mandala; making a palm mantra charm for ourselves in times of stress.

We have surprised ourselves by writing palindrome poems; meditated on japas; performed powerful mantras verbally out load and silently within. These activities have helped us discover the calming and reassuring quality words can bring.

The group was delightfully asked to exhibit their work at Seven Arts Café in Chapel Allerton. How could we share our ideas? What did we want people to see? We brought together many elements from the months together and the group produced some astounding print and text pieces, which hung on the walls for the public to enjoy for two months.

We celebrated the end of a magnificent year in amongst our artwork in the café bar, with scones and flapjack, making festive woven decorations.

Some joint reflections from Lilac participants during our workshops:

“I used important words.”

“I saw something in an artwork I’ve never seen before.”

“I used my imagination.”

“I thought about how to use words with art.”

“I listened to others.”

“I shared something about myself.”

“I did something unexpected.”

“I found out about new ideas.”

The workshops were co-delivered by artists Bryony, Becky, Milena and Christina, with generous support from our wonderful volunteers. We are extremely proud of all the participants who have taken part in workshops in 2016, many experiencing so many surprises and challenges during the sessions. We have loved being part of their creativity.


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