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Get Started – Calverlands

This is it! New project, new people, lovely sunny room! We are making fabric squares, which will be part of a memory quilt that the centre is going to exhibit in the museum later on in the year. Everybody is working with wonderful concentration and images and words are pouring onto the calico. Some people are singing with the music that is bringing us back, back into different time, time when we were young and dancing…

This is our second week and the troops are excited, what have we brought today?

Having done a thorough workout with the stretchy Octaband we threw onto it some beautiful marbled balloons. The sun is shinning yet again and we are tapping our feet as “Come Fly with Me” music wafts around the room, trying to predict which way the balloons are coming! Even Raymond, who usually prefers¬†to watch finds the balloons irresistible. After that it is not difficult to find inspiration for felting! Or maybe we could add a moustache….

Following week we are starting to make parts for “Singing-Ringing Tree” – sculpture that will have our artwork put on the branches, together with wind chimes and noise making mobiles. First we need to paint the base, then make the branches out of coat hangers, bamboo sticks, silicon putty, plastic tops, glue and lots and lots of glitter. We need some sparkle to lift us up in the short winter days that will be coming soon. With all hands on the deck this will not take us long!

Every bamboo stick is covered with colourful tape, it is surprising how quickly people are doing it! Harrie and John are working together Рone person is holding the tape and another is twirling the bamboo Рin this way the stick is covered top to toe in less then 5 minutes!  After that we start to stick various objects that we made and beautiful, coloured feathers! We all enjoy handling soft feathers.

Today we are decorating some butterflies that will be part of our sculpture, but at the beginning as usual we do some exercises, stretching rubber tubing and sending all sorts of objects like a cable car around them! Sometimes there is a traffic jam! Afterwards we are even keener to start working with shapes and colours! Some people would like to make something to take home as well. I show Hilary her picture from last week – she is overjoyed when I tell her that she can take it home. After tea break, we feel refreshed and carry on making beautiful fruits for the tree. I can’t wait to see it finished!








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