Prepare to be Inspired!

Studio 3 in motion at Leeds Art Library

The Movement & Drawing workshop with Gerry Turvey last week went very well, enabling Studio 3 members to participate imaginatively. They obviously enjoyed being given the freedom to create ‘art’ using their whole body in a different space to their normal studio environment and interact in a way that wouldn’t be the ‘norm’ in a library space, e.g. dropping books from a height to make a loud noise, standing on them or kicking them around. They found particular inspiration in one of the drawing exercises – the continual line drawing without looking at the paper – which has since been used as a tool for ‘loosening up’ back in the studio and has generated some amazing drawings! 

Participant Howard said It was different in that it was something we wouldn’t normally do. We were in a different space and also using your body’.   

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