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Rosebank Rangers at Artlink

Over the last year we’ve been host to an environmental afterschool club, the Rosebank Rangers. it’s been lovely hearing them chattering downstairs. This is what the organiser, Naomi, had to say:

”It was great for us to have access to the basement room at Artlink over the winter months. When the children know we can take cover from the elements in an exciting and colourful space it keeps them coming whatever the weather!
It’s been an ideal place for doing arts and crafts with the group – we collect natural materials out on the Rosebank and then take them inside and grab some refreshments before getting creative. We’ve done loads of activities such as making viewfinders, trying out printing with leaves and flowers, drawing the various insects we find outside, and even making smoothies with fruit picked on the Rosebank! The children also love to play hide and seek in the back garden at Artlink.”

Here they are making nests and leaf printing.

Rosebank Rangers making nestsRosebank Rangers leaf printing

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